Attempted Assassination Plot: Truck Driver Crashes Near White House Targeting Joe Biden

In a shocking turn of events, a truck driver deliberately crashed his vehicle near the White House in the United States,
The White House of the United States
The White House of the United States


In a shocking turn of events, a truck driver deliberately crashed his vehicle near the White House in the United States, with the apparent intention of harming or even assassinating President Joe Biden. The incident took place on Monday, May 23, 2023, outside Lafayette Park before 10:00 PM local time. Prompt police action led to the arrest of the driver, averting any casualties in this alarming incident.

Deliberate Act and Arrest

The authorities swiftly responded to the incident, apprehending the truck driver who had intentionally rammed his vehicle into a barricade near the White House. Law enforcement officials confirmed that the driver's actions were a deliberate attempt to harm President Joe Biden. Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of this incident, thanks to the rapid response by the law enforcement personnel.

Disturbing Symbolism Uncovered

During the subsequent police search of the truck, television footage revealed the discovery of a red and black swastika banner. This alarming symbol adds a deeply concerning dimension to the incident, suggesting potential extremist motives behind the driver's actions. The presence of such a symbol raises questions about the underlying ideology that may have fueled the driver's attempted attack on the President.

President Biden Informed and Grateful

President Joe Biden was informed about the situation on Tuesday morning, according to White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre. She expressed the President's relief that no one was harmed during the incident and conveyed his gratitude to the swift response of the law enforcement agents and officers. The safety and security of the President and his administration remain a top priority, and appropriate measures will be taken to investigate this incident thoroughly.

Identification and Charges

The driver of the vehicle has been identified as Sai Varshith Kandula, a 19-year-old from Chesterfield, Missouri, according to the US Park Police. Kandula now faces a range of serious charges related to the incident, including assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, threatening to kill, kidnap, or injure the President, Vice President, or their family members, destruction of federal property, and unauthorized entry.

Evacuation and Investigation

Following the crash, nearby hotel guests were instructed to evacuate the premises as a precautionary measure, as reported by a local affiliate of Fox News. Journalists on the scene captured video footage of law enforcement deploying a robot to search the cargo area of the truck. These investigative measures were crucial in ensuring the safety of the area and gathering evidence that will aid in the ongoing investigation.


The attempted assassination plot targeting President Joe Biden near the White House has sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Prompt action by law enforcement prevented any harm to the President or others in the vicinity. As investigations continue, it is imperative that authorities thoroughly explore the motives behind this alarming incident to ensure the safety and security of the President and the nation as a whole.

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