Ukraine Requests Germany to Provide 500 Km Range Taurus Missiles

Sunday, May 28, 2023 | May 28, 2023 WIB Last Updated 2023-05-28T07:56:00Z
"Missile illustration. (SHUTTERSTOCK)"
"Missile illustration. (SHUTTERSTOCK)"


Ukraine has recently made a request to Germany for the provision of Taurus missiles, an air-to-ground missile with a range of 500 kilometers. This significant development comes as Ukraine prepares to launch a counterattack in an effort to reclaim territories captured by Russia. The Ministry of Defense in Germany confirmed the request and stated that they have been in receipt of it over the past few days. As tensions escalate between Ukraine and Russia following Moscow's invasion in February 2022, the provision of Taurus missiles could enable Ukraine to strike deep into Russian territory.

The Background and Significance of the Request

The conflict initiated by Russia's invasion of its neighboring country in 2022 has triggered the largest conflict on European soil since World War II. In light of this ongoing crisis, Ukraine seeks to strengthen its defense capabilities by acquiring the Taurus missiles, which are jointly produced by German-Swedish company Taurus Systems. With a range of 500 kilometers, these missiles have the potential to allow Ukraine to strike targets deep within Russian territory. However, the United States and other Western nations that supply weapons to Ukraine remain cautious due to the possibility of escalating the conflict if the missiles are capable of reaching nuclear-armed Russia.

Germany's Changing Stance and Increased Military Aid

Previously viewed as reluctant to supply weapons, Germany has now emerged as the second-largest provider of military assistance to Ukraine, following the United States. Berlin is currently preparing its largest military aid package, which includes anti-missile systems, an additional 30 Leopard 1 tanks, over 100 armored combat vehicles, and more than 200 surveillance drones. However, Germany continues to exercise caution when it comes to approving the delivery of fighter jets and air-to-ground missiles.


Ukraine's request to Germany for the provision of Taurus missiles with a range of 500 kilometers marks a significant step in strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities. As tensions between Ukraine and Russia persist, the acquisition of these missiles could potentially allow Ukraine to strike deep into Russian territory. Germany, while being cautious, has increased its military aid to Ukraine, positioning itself as a major contributor in supporting Ukraine's defense efforts. The international community continues to monitor the situation closely, considering the potential implications and risks associated with the provision of advanced weaponry in this conflict.

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