Warning to Dog Owners: Popular Brand of Dog Food Recalled Over Plastic Contamination

Is your dog's food safe? Popular brand recall alert over plastic contamination. Find out which cans to avoid and how to get a refund.

Pet owners beware! The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued an urgent recall of two products from popular dog food producer Lily's Kitchen, stocked exclusively at Pets at Home, due to the possible contamination of small pieces of plastic. The affected products are Lily's Kitchen's Fishy Fish Pie 400g can, sold as part of the Grain Free Wet Adult Dog Multipack 24x400g cans, and Chicken and Turkey Casserole 400g can, sold as part of the Classic Wet Adult Multipack 24x400g cans. Both cans have a best before date of September 1, 2024. 

The FSA has warned that the presence of plastic pieces makes the products unsafe for pets and poses a potential choking hazard. As a precaution, pet owners who have purchased any of the affected products are advised not to feed them to their pets and to contact Lily's Kitchen for a full refund, with or without a receipt. The company will arrange for the item to be collected from the customer.

It is unclear when the plastic may have entered the production line, and the recall only affects the cans sold as part of a multipack. However, Lily's Kitchen has assured customers that the 400g cans sold singly or as part of any other multipack are not affected by the recall.

As a responsible pet owner, it is essential to monitor any product recalls that may affect the health and safety of your pets. The FSA issues food recalls when food safety issues are identified, and customers are asked to return the product to the supplier or retailer. As such, pet owners are advised to check for any updates or recalls regularly and to be aware of the affected products.

It is not just Lily's Kitchen's products that have raised concerns over food safety. The FSA also issued a 'do not eat' alert for one of Sainsbury's own-brand cheeses earlier in the day due to fears of salmonella contamination. Additionally, the watchdog has raised concerns over Itsu's 180g packs of four frozen chocolate bao buns, stocked in Tesco and Waitrose, due to the possible presence of milk, which is not mentioned on the product label.

In conclusion, pet owners must remain vigilant in checking for any food recalls or safety alerts. The health and safety of our furry friends must always come first, and any potential risks or hazards must be addressed immediately. If you have purchased any of the affected Lily's Kitchen products, do not hesitate to contact the company for a full refund and disposal of the product. Stay informed, stay safe, and keep your pets healthy and happy.

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