Woman Sells Apartment to Set Sail Around the World, Only to Cancel Plans

Embarking on a long-awaited three-year sailing journey, a woman decided to sell her apartment and belongings.
Illustration of a cruise ship.
Illustration of a cruise ship.


Embarking on a long-awaited three-year sailing journey, a woman decided to sell her apartment and belongings. However, both she and other customers are now demanding refunds as the ship's plans continue to change. What was initially announced in March as a global voyage filled with excitement is now shrouded in uncertainty.

Unforeseen Turbulence and Disappointed Customers

The promised voyage, initially scheduled to set sail in November from Istanbul, was named the MV Gemini Cruise. With plans to visit seven continents and 135 countries, it quickly garnered the interest of eager travelers. Customers paid a down payment of $109,000 per cabin per year, expecting a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, the venture soon encountered unexpected management issues, leaving customers anxious about their decision to board the ship.

Kimberly Arizzi's Dream Deferred

One of the first individuals to sign up for the journey was Kimberly Arizzi, who submitted a $5,000 down payment in March. Arizzi directly interacted with the Life at Sea sales team during the process. Unfortunately, the uncertainty surrounding the ship's plans and staff reorganization prompted Arizzi and other prospective passengers to cancel their reservations.

Living in Chicago, Arizzi went to great lengths to prepare for the voyage. She sold clothing, furniture, and a TV worth thousands of dollars, making significant sacrifices in anticipation of the adventure. As a retiree, she even sold her apartment and moved into a trailer park, eager to pursue her dreams of sailing around the world.

Jim Cremer's Diminished Confidence

Another disillusioned prospective passenger, Jim Cremer, shared his concerns with Insider. While the voyage initially seemed like a dream come true, he now finds himself uncertain about the journey's viability. The changing circumstances have dampened his enthusiasm and left him questioning the feasibility of the entire endeavor.


The tale of the woman who sold her apartment to set sail around the world, only to cancel her plans, highlights the challenges faced by both her and other customers. What started as an exciting opportunity turned into a source of disappointment and uncertainty. The shifting nature of the ship's management raised concerns among prospective passengers, leading them to rethink their decision. As they seek refunds for their substantial investments, the future of the MV Gemini Cruise hangs in the balance, leaving behind a trail of shattered dreams and unfulfilled promises.

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