ChatGPT Enterprise Launches, Here Are Its Advantages

"Discover the cutting-edge ChatGPT Enterprise - designed for businesses with advanced AI capabilities.
Illustration of ChatGPT(Forbes)
Illustration of ChatGPT(Forbes)

TECHFITNOW.COM - OpenAI has introduced the ChatGPT Enterprise version. This service is similar to the pre-existing ChatGPT, but it's designed to cater to business needs. ChatGPT Enterprise can perform a variety of tasks, just like the regular ChatGPT. For instance, it can write emails, create essays, and even debug computer code. What sets it apart from the standard ChatGPT is that, being tailored for business needs, ChatGPT Enterprise is also equipped with data analysis capabilities. Furthermore, OpenAI claims to have improved the performance of ChatGPT Enterprise and provided better service customization compared to the regular version. "Today marks another step toward AI assistants for work that help with a variety of tasks, protect company data, and can be customized to your organization," OpenAI stated in their company blog.

Other features available in ChatGPT Enterprise include specialized tools for administrators to manage how employees use ChatGPT, including integrations for login, domain verification, and a dashboard equipped with usage statistics. There are also conversation templates that employees can use to communicate through ChatGPT. ChatGPT Enterprise can also analyze data thanks to the support of the Advanced Data Analysis feature. With this feature, ChatGPT Enterprise can create charts, solve math problems, and process various documents that users upload. For example, it can create charts or analyze specific documents uploaded by users. For such tasks, users can give commands, such as "Tell me what's interesting in this data." With this command, ChatGPT Enterprise will analyze data like financial or health-related information and provide analysis results.

Previously, the Advanced Data Analysis feature was only available to ChatGPT Plus customers, both on mobile and web platforms, as reported by TechCrunch on Tuesday (29/8/2023). Similar to ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Enterprise is also powered by the AI model GPT-4. As an additional benefit, ChatGPT Enterprise customers will have priority access to GPT-4, making its performance faster than the standard GPT-4. As for pricing, OpenAI has not disclosed the cost of ChatGPT Enterprise. This is because the price depends on the usage and specific needs of each company or client. Those interested in using ChatGPT Enterprise can directly contact OpenAI through the following link.

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