TikToker Creates AI to Conquer 'Super Mario World' on Live TikTok - The Rupert Chronicles

Discover the fascinating journey of Rupert, the AI conquering Super Mario World on TikTok!
The TikTok account @_thepcmasterrace that created the AI software Rupert to play Super Mario World. (TECHFITNOW.com)
The TikTok account @_thepcmasterrace that created the AI software Rupert to play Super Mario World. (TECHFITNOW.com)

TECHFITNOW.COM - Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has permeated various aspects of our lives, from businesses to online services and even gaming. In the gaming world, a TikTok user known by the handle @_thepcmasterrace has harnessed the power of AI to tackle one of Nintendo's beloved classics on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - Super Mario World. Over the past few weeks, this TikTok account has been live-streaming on the platform to showcase the prowess of their AI creation, aptly named "Rupert."

Rupert, the AI prodigy, has been meticulously designed to learn from its mistakes as it navigates through the challenging levels of Super Mario World. Just like any gamer playing this iconic title, Rupert can deftly control the plumber extraordinaire, Mario.

The AI's repertoire of automated actions includes running, jumping, stomping on enemies, headbutting objects, and much more. In the initial videos showcasing Rupert's foray into the first level of Super Mario World, it seemed like Rupert was facing continuous failures. However, the creator of Rupert mentioned that these failures would be remembered by the AI, enabling it to overcome obstacles and challenges in the future.

As a result of this continuous learning process, Rupert has successfully conquered the first level of Super Mario World, as demonstrated in a TikTok video uploaded by @_thepcmasterrace, which you can watch [here]

The Evolution of Rupert:

Our observation at Techfitnow on the TikTok account @_thepcmasterrace, as of Friday, September 1st, 2023, suggests that Rupert's AI software is continually evolving. In fact, this TikTok user claims that Rupert's AI technology can now complete a level in Super Mario World faster than ever before. At present, Rupert has demonstrated its prowess by conquering the first two levels of the game.

In their most recent video, it is reported that Rupert came close to completing level 3 but faltered towards the end of the level. This hints at the possibility that Rupert's abilities will continue to grow with time, potentially leading to the AI conquering all 72 levels of Super Mario World.

Interested in tracking Rupert's progress and achievements in his quest to conquer Super Mario World on TikTok? You can follow his journey and witness his remarkable feats by visiting the TikTok account @_thepcmasterrace at the following link.

The Future of Rupert:

The journey of Rupert, the AI gamer, has captivated the gaming community on TikTok and beyond. The prospect of witnessing an AI system progressively conquering an iconic game like Super Mario World is nothing short of intriguing. The dedication and ingenuity of the TikTok user @_thepcmasterrace in developing Rupert have sparked excitement and curiosity among gamers and AI enthusiasts alike.

As Rupert's capabilities continue to expand, we can anticipate that it will face even greater challenges within the game. Overcoming these hurdles will not only demonstrate the power of AI but also serve as a testament to human ingenuity in creating and refining such remarkable technology.

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