Twitter/X Premium Subscribers Can Now Hide Their Likes Tab from Their Profile

Discover newfound freedom on X! XBlue subscribers can now hide their Likes tab and blue checkmark on their profiles.
The official Twitter logo on Android devices changed to X after performing an update on Friday (28/7/2023). (
The official Twitter logo on Android devices changed to X after performing an update on Friday (28/7/2023). (

TECHFITNOW.COM - Twitter, now rebranded as X, has introduced a new feature that allows users to hide their Likes tab from their profile. The Likes tab typically displays all the posts that a user has liked and is readily visible on every user's profile page. From this tab, any user can see which posts have been liked by a particular user. However, with X's new feature, users can obscure this tab, making it less straightforward for others to discern their liked posts. This feature to hide the Likes tab has been rolled out exclusively to XBlue users, the premium version of X. As a result, free users do not yet have the capability to hide their Likes tab.

"The Likes tab on your profile will only be visible to you. The timeline of the Likes tab will also be hidden from the X API," states the description of X's new feature. Despite being hidden from the profile, a user's Likes are not concealed on the posts they have liked. This means that a user's likes will still be visible on the posts they have engaged with. Regardless of this exception, X premium users can enjoy increased privacy, as their liked posts will not be as easily discoverable by others. This feature release comes shortly after X's competitor, Threads, launched a similar ability. In Threads, users can also view a list of liked posts, but this access is limited to connected users only. In other words, other users cannot easily see which posts a specific user has liked.

The addition of the Likes tab hiding feature adds to the array of features available to X premium users. X owner, Elon Musk, has recently been adding new features for X subscribers. Not long ago, the company introduced a feature that allows X premium users to hide their blue checkmarks, as reported by TechCrunch on Friday (September 1, 2023).

Hide the Blue Checkmark

X launched the feature to hide the blue checkmark in early August 2023. XBlue (Blue Subscription) users can now hide the blue checkmark or verification badge on their accounts. This option can be found by X users on the web version as well as the mobile application, specifically under the "Profile Customization" menu.

From this menu, users will find the option to hide the blue checkmark. According to the company's explanation, the blue checkmark will disappear from the user's profile or posts. However, the checkmark may still appear in certain places. Unfortunately, X does not specify where the blue checkmark might still appear even after being hidden. "The checkmark may still appear in some places, and some features may still indicate that you have an active subscription. Some features may not be available when your checkmark is hidden," states X's clarification through its support page. The company also mentions that they will continue to refine this option to better serve users.

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