Proven Strategies to Get Your Blog Approved by Google Adsense (Technical Tips)

Discover proven techniques for getting your blog approved by Google Adsense without rejection.
Proven Strategies to Get Your Blog Approved by Google Adsense (Technical Tips)


Welcome to Techfitnow! Lately, I've been actively blogging again, even though it's challenging to find the time and ideas for new posts. I often seek inspiration from blogger groups on Telegram and WhatsApp.

Most of these groups discuss topics like indexing articles and getting approved for Google Adsense. After a while, I decided to share my knowledge on these subjects, which includes boosting Adsense CPM and other technical aspects.

In this article, we'll focus on how to get your blog approved by Google Adsense without rejection, especially for bloggers looking to monetize their websites with Adsense ads.

Ensure All Blog Articles Are Indexed

Before applying for Adsense, make sure your blog has at least 50 articles indexed by Google. To check your blog's indexed articles, simply type "" in the Google search bar. If not all of your articles are indexed, follow these steps:

a. Use the URL Inspection feature in Google Search Console.

b. Add a sitemap to Google Search Console.

c. Utilize free or paid indexing services.

d. Create a custom sitemap for WordPress users, or use a dummy domain for Blogger users.

e. Subscribe to an indexing service.

Download Sitemap Maker

Compress Images to Speed Up Page Load Time

If your blog features many images, make sure to compress them to improve page load times. This will enhance the user experience and increase your chances of getting approved for Adsense.

Download Bloat Image Finder

Check for Bad Words on Your Website

Ensure your site doesn't contain any prohibited words or adult content. Use tools like Spam Finder to check for bad words and remove them if necessary.

Download Badwords Finder

Fix Broken URLs and 404 Errors

Broken URLs and 404 errors can negatively affect the user experience and SEO. Use a tool like Website Error Finder to identify and fix these issues.

Download Website Error Finder

Evaluate Content Length

Short content (less than 300 words) may reduce your chances of being accepted by Adsense. Use a Content Counter tool to check the length of your articles and expand them if needed.

Download Content Counter

Examine Plagiarism on Your Site

Posting plagiarized content is not a good strategy for Adsense approval. Use a Plagiarism Checker tool to identify plagiarized content and paraphrase or replace it with original writing or AI-generated text.

Download Plagiarisme Checker

Assess On-Page SEO Performance

Optimizing on-page SEO can enhance the user experience and improve your chances of getting approved for Adsense. Use an SEO Checker tool to scan your site and identify areas for improvement.

Download SEO Checker


In conclusion, these technical tips and tricks will increase your chances of getting your blog approved by Google Adsense without rejection. Keep in mind that Adsense reviews are conducted manually by their team and are not entirely reliant on bots. The tools mentioned in this article are sourced from Rocketguestpost and have proven helpful for many bloggers.

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