Hi guys, let's talk about the movie. we will discuss a series called "Lord of the Rings of Power."


Lord of the Rings of Power: An Epic Series Depicting the Rise of Sauron and the Lives of Humans and Fairies

Hi guys, let's talk about the movie. we will discuss a series called "Lord of the Rings of Power." This series consists of 8 episodes set thousands of years before the creation of the Rings of Power. Specifically, it covers the rise of the Prince of Darkness named Sauron, the fall of the island kingdom of Numenore, and the lives of humans and fairies. By depicting the life of an elf named Galla Drill, it was seen that he released a paper boat he had made, which managed to wade through the swift river, proving its success. His friends, who witnessed the incident, became jealous and threw stones at the boat until it sank. Galla Drill became angry and was about to fight his friend, but his older brother, Fenrot, intervened and advised him to always do good.

Elven Warrior Galla Drill Swears to Avenge Prince Fenrot and Defeat Sauron in "The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began

However, their happiness was short-lived as a prince of darkness named Morgat arrived and snatched the light of the Elves' lives. They were forced to go to war and leave their home in Valinor for a dangerous place called Middle Earth. After the war, the great Prince of Darkness was defeated, but the Elves lost many troops, including Fenrot. Galla Drill believed that Sauron, a new ruthless criminal, still had many troops left and swore to kill him with his own hands. He led the Elven troops to explore Sauron's footsteps, but the footprints disappeared. Despite many people forgetting Sauron's crimes, Galla Drill remained determined to find and kill him. He found a secret door in a castle and discovered a carving that was exactly the same as the one on Fenrot's body."That also made Galadril even more certain that Sauron was still alive. One of the elves tried to convince Galadril that Sauron had died considering the incident had taken place centuries ago.

Galadril Defeats Giant Troll in Epic Battle, Harfud People Prove to be Fearful in "The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began".

In the middle of the conversation, the Elf group was suddenly attacked by a giant troll. Galadril, who heard the commotion, immediately came out and defeated the giant troll with his own hands. The attack from the giant troll was considered the final pinnacle of the struggle of the Galadriel troops. They felt that Galadril had his own purpose, not only limited to orders from the king. On the other hand, we were also shown two travelers who were passing through the Rovanion area where the Harfud nation lived. The two travelers claimed to be afraid because the Harfud people were known to be very vicious, but people's assumptions turned out to be proportional to the reality. It was the Harfut people who were afraid of the outside world. They camouflaged themselves to cover their whereabouts. Even when the seasons changed, the Harfud people would migrate to find another place to live.

Elf Nori faces danger in the outside world while Elron receives news of Galadril's return in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

At that time, two children were seen, Nori and Poppy, who were taking the children out of their border and playing very happily while picking berries. Shortly thereafter, Nori saw wolf footprints and realized that they were being watched by the beast. Because of that, Nori and Poppy rushed the children to return to the settlement. After that, Nori met her mother, whose name is Merrygold, and revealed how he finally got out of the border and saw the outside world. Of course, his mother strongly opposed it because she knew very well that the outside world was very cruel and dangerous. An elf named Elron received news that his friend, Galadril, had returned. Galadril's goal was to meet Elron so that he could be reunited with the Elf king in order to get new troops.""Crazy drill requests did not receive full support from Elron because he is one of those people who believes that Sauron and the Ring were completely destroyed.

Galadril and his troops receive an unexpected gift but choose adventure in search of Sauron's followers.

Shortly thereafter, the highest king named Gilgalat rewarded Della Drill and his troops for their services in eradicating the Ring. To enjoy a peaceful life, the king then gave Galadril and his troops the honor of sailing to Valinor, where they would live an eternal peaceful life. Unfortunately, the gift was not what Galadril expected. He intended to let go of the gift and go back on an adventure to find the remaining Sauron's followers. An Elven troop named Arondeer, who is in charge of overseeing the human curtain area, admits that he is uncomfortable with the existence of elves around them. However, Arondeer is not too bothered about it because he does not want to make a fuss in the village. Arondeer turns out to fall in love with a woman named Brownin, a single parent of one child who is known as a healer for Elven troops. Those who knew this tried to tell Arondeer that love for humans would not end well. Guarding the area has been allowed to return to Linden.

Elven Troops Celebrate News, But Arondeer Reluctant to Leave Guard Post Amidst Impending Danger in Horderan Village

All the Elven troops are, of course, happy to hear the news, but not Arondeer. For tens of years, guarding there, Arondeer has felt comfortable, but he cannot go against the king's orders. Before leaving, Arondeer took the time to say goodbye. At that time, Brown tried to hide her sadness. Shortly thereafter, Brown's son named Theo told his mother that someone wanted to ask for help. An old man came with his cow and asked Brown for help to treat the cow."After checking the drawing, Aaron Dear suspected that the cow had eaten something wrong. This was proven by the cow's milk being dark black. This also made Brown and Aaron Dear suspect that Horderan Village was in danger. While at the farm, Teo suddenly got a sword that had a channel mark on it. Arriving in the settlement of Brown, Aaron Dear was very surprised to see that the gathering place was destroyed. Before arriving at Valinor, Gallarrel chose to turn around and continue the search for Sauron.

Mysterious Non-Human Found by Elves After Meteor Crash in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

He also jumped from his ship and decided not to join the other Elves. Shortly thereafter, they could see a meteor across the sky that fell near the Harfus settlement. Nori and Poppy, who were curious, approached the place where the meteor fell and found an old man in the middle of it. Suddenly, he woke up and screamed, causing a tornado to lift the objects around him. When Nori tried to look into the grandfather's eyes, he slowly began to calm down, and things began to improve because he felt sorry for Nori and decided to take the old grandfather with him. Poppy opposed it because they didn't know who the old man was, and maybe later he would eat them. But Nori tried to convince Poppy, so they agreed to hide the old man for a while. From his characteristics, they could tell that the old man was not human."Or l then who is he actually back to the Curtain Village?

Party Discovers Mysterious Tunnel and Seeks Help from Dwarves in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

Aaron, dear, and Brawin, who arrived at the settlement, were very surprised to see that the area had been destroyed and no one was left there. At that location, they both also found a mysterious tunnel which was suspected to be the cause of the destruction in the area. The Aandir then ordered Brawin to immediately report the incident to the residents so that they would always be careful. According to King Gilgalat's orders, Elron went to meet Lord Selebrine Board, an Elf blacksmith expert. Lord Selebrine made a new workshop to create a stronger iron sword, but their problem had several obstacles in realizing that dream. That's why Elron also suggested that they seek help from dwarves or dops to meet Elron's old friend, a Kazak Dam prince named Durin. Unfortunately, Elron's arrival was not welcomed by Durin, so just to meet him, Elron had to go through a challenge. Elron's challenge is to face Durin head-on in a stone-splitting match.

Old man's mysterious disappearance and Nori's encounter with him leads to amnesia revelation

The two players will take turns splitting stones until one of them gives up. If Elron fails, he will be expelled from all the lands of outside powers the next day. Nori goes to check on the old man to deliver food, but the old man is gone. He also looked around the place and saw the old man was writing something. When Nori tried to greet him, the old man went berserk again. Nori also tried to calm the old man while reminding him that she was the girl who helped him last night. Because last night they haven't had the chance to get acquainted yet, Nori even introduces herself to the old man. When asked to introduce himself, the old man just doesn't remember anything about his identity."Migrating to the other side while swimming back to Middle Earth, Galadril found a raft with humans who had survived a shipwreck. Soon, they were attacked by sea monsters and the only survivor was a man named Healtrand from the Southlands.

Survivors of Ship Attack Reunite as Elron is Expelled from Darrin's Territory in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

Galadril, who was also thrown from the ship, immediately tried to swim away from the location of the attack. After that, Galadril and Healtrand met again because only the two of them had managed to survive the incident. As expected, Elron finally lost the fight between himself and Darrin and had to accept the fact that he was being kicked out of the place. When Elron was about to be escorted to the exit by Darrin, he praised Darrin's performance in leading his group. Elron felt fascinated with the development of Darrin's territory because it was very different from the last time he had visited. Darrin replied, "Of course everything is developing because Elron himself has not met me for 20 years." It turned out that this was the reason why Darrin was annoyed at Elron, even though in the past they had been close friends. As an Elf, Elron thought 20 years was a very short time, while for Darrin, it was a very long time.

Darrin Confronts Elron and Theo Discovers a Mysterious Noise in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

Darrin was disappointed in Elron because he had not been present at the wedding and the birth of his two children, and now Elron had casually come to ask for Darrin's help. This also made Elron feel very guilty towards Darrin. He then apologized and, if allowed, he also wanted to apologize to Darrin's wife and family. With an annoyed look on his face, Darrin allowed Elron to meet his wife, but only to apologize, nothing more than that. At home, Darrin's wife named Disa was very happy to see Elron. They hadn't seen each other for a long time, so Disa also welcomed Elron very warmly. Thanks to the help of Darrin, the village began to melt towards Elron, and he finally agreed to convey his intentions and goals to his father. Back in Brain, he met the villagers and warned them about an attack in the city. The villagers did not believe Elron's words because he didn't have any evidence. At home, Theo heard a noise from under the floor, so he made a hole in the floor to see what was underneath.

Brain and Theo Defeat Oart and Plan Village Evacuation in LORD OF THE RINGS: RINGS OF POWER

It turned out that a wide eye was staring at him. Because of that, Theo immediately hid in a cupboard. When Brain arrived there, he saw that the state of the house was very messy. Theo, who was hiding, told his mother to immediately look for a hiding place. Shortly thereafter, the Oart came out of the underground hole and immediately attacked Brain and Theo. The two of them worked together and cut off the head of the Oart, then brought the head to show to the local residents. It also succeeded in making the residents afraid, so they agreed to leave the village before leaving. Theo was holding a sword that had the sign of Sauron. With that, Aron dear went down the hole in the city. While walking through the hole, Aron dear was surprised to hear the sound and shadow of Earthronir trying to run away, but instead, he was caught at night. Nori and Poppy told the old man that their group would soon be migrating, which means they would not be able to meet again.

Old man uses firefly to seek star constellation Nori in Kingdom of Warps in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

Then the old man used the firefly to show that he was looking for the star constellation Nori. Of course, he didn't understand, but he knew where he could find information about the star constellation in the Kingdom of Warps. Duren told his father about Elron's purpose for asking for help. Bastard, his father actually didn't really believe in the Elves, but Duren convinced his father because he had known Elron for a very long time. Thanks to that, Durin's father agreed to help Eron return to Gallarrel. Hallbrand and their people were both swayed on the big waves, making the Galeriel fell and drowned. When Brand saw this, he tried to save Galadril by breaking the ropes that tied his body. The next day, Galadril and Brand were rescued by a ship that was escorted by someone named Elendil. The ship then took Galadril and Hallbrand to an island kingdom called Numenore, located in the westernmost region with a very stunning appearance. Beauty made Brand wonder who created such a beautiful country.

Queen Myriel's Decision on Dinumenoreans' Request for Transportation to Middle Earth Causes Tension.

Gallarrel answered that it was definitely not a human because in ancient times humans were known to be in league with evil, namely Morgot. The ancestors of the Dinumenore used to ally with the Elves to fight evil. Well, after the victory against Morgot, the Elves gave this island as a gift. There, the two of them met Queen Myriel, who didn't want to linger on the island. Gallarrel immediately asked the queen for help by requesting a ship for transportation to return to Middle Earth. However, since the queen did not answer, Crazy Drill brought up the past of the Elves and Numenoreans, assuming that the Elves had served them. These words made the queen furious because the Numenoreans had paid for the island by sacrificing the blood of their ancestors. Brand also tried to ease the tension by stating that he was willing to wait for the queen's decision regarding Galadle's request. The queen agreed and told them to stay there for a while until she made the next decision.

Queen Miria assigns LNB to make amends for bringing Galadril into Numenore and Aron Dir discovers the road to the collection of Earth's people.

Queen Miral asked a man about the identity of the Elendial minister of the zones. She then said that the LNB is a captain who comes from a noble family and is currently a lifeguard with his son named Isildur.A little introduction about Isil Dur: he is currently undergoing training to become a captain of Queen Myria's ship. Then, Queen Miria asks LN Dil why he brought Galadril into Numenore even though he knows that the Numenoreans hate the Calendari Elves so much. He answers that everything is the decision of the sea and he believes the sea is always right. Queen Miria then assigns LNB to make amends for the mistake he has made by giving a sword unexpectedly. The tunnel that Aron Dir found turned out to be the road to the collection of Earth's people. There, he also met many citizens and Elven troops who had captured them. All were then tied up in chains and forced to work.

Intrigue and Conflict Unfold in the Underground Tunnels of Numenor in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

It seemed that the Earth people had deliberately dug the curtain's underground area so that they could not be detected while looking for something hidden there. While working round the clock, they realized that the Earth people were very afraid of the sun. Based on this, some other people decided to put up a fight when the sun was at its highest peak. An art who saw them gathered started to get suspicious, so he killed one of them. Back to Galadril, she secretly visited the Numenors' hole of Lord together with LN. Meanwhile, Dil and Hell Brand, who were in town, tried to apply as a blacksmith. Unfortunately, they were rejected outright because they were considered not on the same level as the Numenoreans, even though they were actually both from the human race.A citizen's identification was stolen, and unfortunately, the theft was discovered. So, a group of residents came to gang up on Hell Brand. He did not accept being treated like that, so he retaliated against those people.

Arrests and Mishaps Plague Southlands in Latest Chapter of Lord of the Rings Prequel

As a result, he was arrested and imprisoned.A map of the Southlands shows where Sauron wants to create a new world with evil powers in Harfood. An elder named Sadok is seen training children before they migrate. At that time, Marigold is still worried because her husband's leg is still not recovering. Lergo tries to calm his wife and says they will be fine as long as their train is in the forefront. In the evening, Nori is assisted by Poppy in taking Sadok's piece of the book about the constellations. The piece is then put in a bag so that he can read it later. Shortly thereafter, the old man suddenly comes to pick up the piece of the book and tries to read it by the campfire. Unfortunately, because he is too close to the fire, the fire actually burns the pieces of the book and causes a commotion. Finally, the identity of the old man is known by all residents. As a result, Nori and his family are punished by being placed in the last row when the migration takes place back to Ellendill.

Galadriel and Hal Brand discuss uniting the tribes while Isil Dur prepares to escort Galadriel to Middle Earth in "The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

He goes to meet his two children, namely Isil Dur and Airin. There, he also tells his two children that Galadriel is currently in the palace waiting for the ship that will take her to Middle Earth. Most likely, the captain who will be sent to escort her is Isil Dur. Back at Galadriel's palace, he meets Hal Brand and reveals what he found in the Hall of Floor. Galadriel tells him that many years ago, a man who had a mark like the one on Hal Brand's necklace brought the tribes together in So. Now, Galadriel is sure that Hal Brand is the next person to unite them. Hal Brand reminds Galadriel to be careful because his ancestors were people loyal to Morgoth, and Hal Brand is no hero. On the other hand, Queen Miriel meets her father, the King of Numenor. She also tells her father that an elf had come to Numenor. The next day, the migration day finally arrives. Also, they came out and helped the Nori family push the carriage back to Aron Dear. According to their plan, they also rebelled during the day.

Arondir faces Earth's leader while Queen Miral worries about her kingdom's fate in Lord of the Rings prequel

He and his colleagues tried to break the chains and pull the art out of hiding. Unfortunately, because they were outnumbered, Arondir and his colleagues still lost. Moreover, Earth also released their predatory animals to kill those who tried to fight back. In the end, of the many people left, only Arondir was brought to meet the leader of Earth, Adar. Is Adar a Sauron? At that time, in the Numenore Kingdom, Queen Miral had a dream that her kingdom was in ruins with signs of falling white leaves and a tsunami. This also made the Queen worried about whether she had made the right decision or not. Lo tried to convince the Queen that Hell Brand is the King of Satland who will unite them all. Gallarrel believes that with the help of Numenore and Southland, they will definitely be able to kill Sauron and save the people in Southland. Hearing this, the Queen immediately refused because she was especially concerned with the welfare of her people.

Galadril's Mistake Leads to Imprisonment and Loss of Dreams for Isil Dur and Friends in LOTR Prequel

She had just had a nightmare about the destruction of her kingdom. After hearing the answer, Galla Drill still did not give up. As if he had underestimated the decision he had made, as a result of this, Galadril was finally thrown into prison on the Isil Dur ship. Losing concentration, he also disrupted the training exam process. Because of that, the coach finally expelled Isil Dur and his two friends, Valandir and Camel. Of course, they were angry because as a result of Isil Dur's carelessness, they also lost their dream of being sea guards returning to Southland. Aron Dear was seen before Adar, someone who was called Ayah by the art members. After that, Adar released Aron and instructed him to search for the residents who had fled towards the tower. This would allow them to avoid Dir altogether, as Adar was focused on obtaining something far more important: the Sauron sword, which was currently in Theo's possession inside the tower.

Southlan Residents Face Food Shortage and Theo Battles Earth in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

The Southlan residents who were hiding from Earth were starting to experience problems due to a shortage of food. At that time, Theo proposed that he and his friends leave the tower to search for food in the nearest village. After obtaining some groceries, Theo went into a warehouse to gather more ingredients. As the sun began to set, his friend Theo decided to run away to avoid being caught by Earth Tak. Later, an Earth attacked Theo, who used Sauron's sword and his own blood to activate it. This frightened Art, who ran away. Art then announced the sword's existence, causing the Earth to come out. However, Theo managed to hide in a well and eventually returned to Elron, who was overseeing construction with Lord Selebrine. Lord Selebrine admitted to being suspicious of Durian because he had accepted the deal too easily, as if he were hiding something. Elron then returned to the Words kingdom to confirm his suspicions.

Elron uncovers a hidden secret in Durin's village in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

When he tried to interrogate the village, he immediately knew that the village and Durin had lied to him. Elron then explored an old mine that Durin often visited. After entering a secret room, Elron found something hidden. Durin suddenly appeared and accused Elron of being an elf spy in his palace. Elron tried to convince Durin that he was there purely for their friendship and didn't care about what was hidden. Durin believed Elron and agreed to tell him the secret, but with the condition that Elron couldn't tell anyone. Durin opened a box and showed Elron a stone found by the village of Durin. The stone was valuable because it could be used as a weapon and currency. Durin planned to develop it for the prosperity of his people. Elron believed the stone to be midril and was given it as a sign of their friendship. In the evening, Gala Drill was released by the Zone and his men because tonight he would be returned to the land of the elves.

Queen Miriel reveals the truth behind Numenore's failed alliance with the Elves and shows a vision of the kingdom's destruction.

They were not the fifth to fight directly against all of Parazon's men and infiltrate the tower. He then entered the King's room and intended to express his purpose. Unexpectedly, Queen Miriel was also there because she was visiting her father. This is the reason why the King of Numenore has not shown himself since yesterday. Queen Miriel deliberately kept it a secret so that no one who knows the state of the king would reveal it. Queen Miriel then revealed the real reason why he could not ally with the Elves. Since his leadership, he actually wanted to make peace with the Elves, but his decision was opposed by his people. There was a massive rebellion which resulted in bloodshed. After that, Queen Miriel showed a ball of prophecy called parantir. It is said that whoever holds the ball will be able to see the future. When holding the ball, Gala Dril sees the destruction of the Numenore kingdom, just like what Queen Miriel saw before.

Queen Miriel Makes Controversial Decision Impacting Elf Nation and Menor Kingdom in Lord of the Rings Prequel.

This is what makes Queen Miriel forced to make a decision that is contrary to the Valar or Elf nation. She knew very well that her decision would have an impact on the Menor Kingdom. Hearing Queen Miriel's explanation, Gala Dril tried to convince her to believe in whatever decision she made. Unfortunately, Queen Miriel remained firm and refused to interfere again with the problems of the Elf nation, returning to Teo Langit. It was getting dark, making the Earth free to come out of hiding. When there was an opportunity, he slowly got out of the well so he could immediately go to another place.I went through the forest and finally freed myself from the orb because the sun was shining. Upon arriving at the round tower, I conveyed all the customary talks to him, requesting that all residents of Southland surrender their land and swear allegiance to him.

Queen Miriel leads escort for Galadril's journey to Satland in response to Palar's signs.

A gentleman named Waldrag approached Teo and asked about the pieces. The sword that he received seems to be from Wall Track, the person who previously kept the sword piece. So, it's no wonder he also has the same scar as Theo. Back to the menu, the day of returning home finally arrived. The zones praised Queen Myril's decision for agreeing with the wishes of her people. After Galadril left Nomenore, they planned to hold a party to celebrate this with all the people. But on the way to the palace, the white leaves began to fall as if accompanying the departure of Galadril. Queen Miriel believed the white leaves were a sign of Palar's disappointment with the decision he had taken. Because it was the Queen, oblique immediately gathered all the council and its people. The Queen announced that she would directly escort the Galadril journey to Satland. This was done because they also had a responsibility to save the human race who were now trapped there.

ART prepares for attack as Satland people face division and danger from wolf in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

Thanks to that decision, many people volunteered to become soldiers and join together with Ratu Myril. On the other side of Earth, reporting to Adat that their tunnel construction had been completed. Hearing this, Adat immediately gathered the ART and announced that the time for their attack had arrived. The Satland people inside the tower heard Brown's announcement about the Earth troops that would attack them. He convinced all the people to unite against the ART and not give up their land just like that. The announcement from Brown divided the people into two camps. Some were willing to become followers of Ader because they didn't want to die, but some supported Brain's decision to return to the Harfudz. After a long journey, the Harfood residents decided to rest in a place while Nori and Poppy were looking for food. They were suddenly surprised to see the footprints of the wolf. They ran to report this to Malva, but they were too late because the wolf was ready to pounce on them.

Old Hunter Saves Nori from Wolves as King Numenorti Opposes Queen Miriel's Departure in Lord of the Rings Prequel

The three of them ran away from the wolf, but when Nori was about to be pounced on, the old man came to save him. He also used his strength, which scared the wolves and made them leave. The old grandfather's hands suddenly froze, which made Nori panic. In the end, after the old grandfather finished reciting the spell, Nori's body was thrown. The old man tried to calm Nori down, but he was already scared. So, he chose to run away back to Numenorel. Showing his ability as an orth hunter, he taught the soldiers not to rely on strength but to focus on accuracy and speed at the same time. Queen Miriel met her father at that time. King Numenorti suddenly opposed Queen Miriel's departure to Southlands because she felt a very dark power. In the world of the Elves, namely Linden, the flow of inviting Durin to have dinner with the king and high-ranking Elf to celebrate their cooperation.

Tension arises at dinner as the king suspects dwarves possess powerful object

The dinner, which should have taken place harmoniously, was very tense because of the debate between Durin and the king. After dinner was over, the king called Elron to speak. Four Mata Raja tells about the battle of the Elves against Morgot first. At that time, a big lightning had struck the tree of life so that a pure power was formed that permeated from the roots of the tree to the depths of Mount. The king suspected that Darin had gotten the object. So he asked Elron whether his suspicions were true or not. Elron knew that the dwarves had indeed gotten the object, but he could not tell the king because he had promised Darwin. After that, the king invited Elron to see the tree of life. They could see that the tree was indeed very old so that the Elves were threatened with destruction. In the evening, the son of the zone named Kemen entered the ship that was going to be used to sail to the South.

Isil Dur Saves Kaiman's Life as Vassals Declare Allegiance to Adar in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

Unexpectedly, on the ship, he met Isil Dur who tried to thwart his plans, but unfortunately, it was too late. The ship caught fire, so Isil Dur quickly took Kemon out of the ship. Shortly thereafter, there was a huge explosion, but luckily Isil Dur managed to save the life of Kaiman. The people who agreed to become vassals to be led by coming out of the Elf tower. They then went to meet Adar and declared themselves as his followers. While inside the tower, Theo handed over the saber sword in round. This was done because Teo was afraid that the sword was very dangerous, so it's better to Aronde who kept it. What was conveyed by the king and then told by Elron to Durin, he revealed that the Elves really needed the midril stone found by Durin. Hearing that, Durin felt concerned. So he also promised to help the Elves, but he needed to convince his father first.

Ratu's entourage leads attack on Sesa tower with strategic traps in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

The short story of Ratu's entourage, Halbren Allandil, and the others finally left for Southland itself to prepare with his troops to attack the Sesa tower there. Cooked, he deliberately lured the orbs so they could be attacked with the traps that had been prepared by Brown. The residents who saw the incident from a distance felt very satisfied. Now all of them headed back to the village to seize their land of dominion. The next day, Aron dear tried to destroy Sauron's sword, but I don't know why all his efforts never succeeded. Because of that, Aron dear decided to hide the sword and saw Leo watching from a distance. After that, Brawl and Aron dear led the citizens to prepare the next strategy. All the men would be prepared as archers while the old and the children would take cover inside the security barracks. In the evening, Adar's troops started coming to the village.

Residents Successfully Defend Themselves Against Orcs and Traitorous Humans in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

All the residents who saw this were getting ready in their respective positions, especially the Brawwin who were at the forefront of the process. In that process, Brown had failed many times, but in the end, he succeeded in launching the first attack. The signal from Brawl was then used by Aron Dir and the others to launch further attacks, like the night before. Aron, Dear Branwin, and the residents had prepared various kinds of attacks as a form of self-defense because the current number of orcs was much larger. Aron, Dear, and the others felt overwhelmed, but in the end, they managed to kill all of these orcs. For that success, everyone felt very happy, but the happiness immediately vanished when they saw red blood flowing from the bodies of the orcs. Logically, if their opponent was an orc, of course, the blood would be black. And of course, the troops that had just attacked them, most of them were humans who sided with Adat. Soon, dozens of arrows rained down on the location.

Residents of Bara under attack, Bran injured in battle, Adar's troops break down Barakanan and force Rondir to hand over sword fragment.

One by one, the residents were pierced by the arrows, including Bran. Now that Aron, Dear, and the residents were lulled in victory, so that his troops and troops just came to attack them. They saw that Rondir immediately ordered everyone to take cover in the safety of Bara. There, Aron, Dear, and Theo tried to save Bran's life by pulling out the arrows."They then attempted to close Brain's wound using burning coals. Although it was very painful, the action actually managed to save Brain's life. Outside, Adar and his troops got closer to Bara's security and surrounded the residents. In the end, Barakanan was successfully broken down. He then forced Rondir to hand over the pieces of Sawuran's sword to him because Rondir kept dodging. His troops began to take the path of violence, seeing the residents being killed one by one by Theo. Finally, Theo was forced to say where the sword fragment was. After getting the sword fragment, he began to feel the arrival of cavalry approaching that location.

Numenore troops capture Adar, false Sauron, in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

He immediately came out and gave a task to Gallarrel, and the Numenore troops finally arrived. Adar was caught. Someone saw him trying to run away, but he was immediately chased by Galadril and Haurant. Fortunately, Brand took the opposite path, so he was able to block and stop his horse. Gallagrill knows that it's not the real Sauron, so he still needs Adar so he can be interrogated. Drill mentions that Adar is called an Uruk, which is an elf who was changed by Morgoth to become an orc. The first time when Galladril asked where Sauron's whereabouts were, Adar consciously answered that he had killed Sauron. He reasoned that he did that because he felt that the art did not need a leader. So he also called himself a father who would guide the art to get the territory where Nadar's words lived.""And was preparing a plan in a place. Thanks to their success, Queen Miriel and all the citizens held a celebration. In that celebration, Queen Maril announced that Hell Brand was king in Southland.

Aron Dear Hands Over Sauron's Sword Pieces as Galadril Sacrifices Herself in Lord of the Rings Prequel Story

Hearing that, all the citizens immediately cheered to welcome their new leader. After that, Aron dear met Teo and handed over the package containing the pieces of Sauron's sword. He asked Theo to hand over the pieces of the sword to the party so that later they could be thrown into the middle of the ocean. In Woldrake's hand, he went to the Tower and thrust the sword according to Adar's orders. The sword was, in fact, the key used to open the parapet of the dam. As soon as the water of the Dam flowed swiftly through the tunnel made by the arts to the magma center of the volcano, the volcano erupted and spewed out all the hot lava. The residents panicked, trying to protect themselves while the art took advantage of the situation to attack. Then, the bursts of lava started to approach the settlement, but Galadril seemed to freeze and stood up, receiving the burst of lava.

Survivors of volcanic eruption encounter mysterious old man and tree in "LORD OF THE RINGS: RINGS OF POWER" excerpt.

After the explosion of the volcano, all the settlements were completely covered in black mist, and also the flames were everywhere. Galatril, who woke up trying to find people who were still alive, finally met Theo while the other residents joined Ratu Mil to save one by one the people who might still be alive. When Isil Dur was rescuing a citizen, he was trapped in the house and buried by the rubble. On the other hand, the Harfud was seen passing by a place affected by the eruption of the Sadok volcano. He said the eruption must have come from the Southlands area due to a new crime that had appeared suddenly. Their attention was suddenly diverted to an old man who seemed to be communicating with a tree. For some reason, the tree seemed to respond to the words of the old man. Then, the tree branch suddenly collapsed and almost fell on Nori and a lucky child. Nori and the child were not injured, but the tribesmen Harfood began to fear the old man.

Durin and Elron's Secret Midril Seed Discovery Leads to Their Expulsion from Waps Kingdom.

According to his words from inviting Elron to meet the king for help, unfortunately, Elron's request was rejected because the Midril stone excavation would cause ruins in their kingdom. With a heavy heart, Durin apologized to Elron because he couldn't help anything. So Elron said goodbye to Durian and could because he had to immediately convey this message to the elf king. After Elron left, Durin accidentally put a Methyl seed near the leaf of the Tree of Life, and sure enough, the tree leaf slowly changed back to normal. Thanks to that hint, Durin and Elron decided to dig a mine secretly without the king's knowledge. Thanks to their cooperation, the two of them managed to find the Midril seed field under the mine. The two of them were very happy, but the happiness immediately vanished because their actions were discovered by the king, Elron, and then expelled from the Waps kingdom, while the king admitted that he was disappointed in his son.

Elendil Warrior Leader Mourns Son's Death as Queen Myril Loses Sight, Sadok Searches for Constellation

The Numeror troop led by the queen moved towards a refuge at the foot of the hill. At that time, LN Dil had to accept the bitter reality that his son Isil Dur had died under the rubble, even though his heart was very broken. But as the head of the Elendil warriors, he could not show his sadness in front of another. As a result of that incident, Queen Myril lost her sight for a moment. Then, Sadok handed over a piece of his note about the constellations. He then asked the old man to follow the instructions in the note to find the constellation he was looking for because the old man knew that the residents were afraid of him.""So he decided to go alone and said goodbye to Nori. The next day, the tree that was held by the old man yesterday suddenly flourished with a lot of fruit, which made all the citizens of the Harfus clan very happy. They harvested all the fruit that was there. When Poppy was fetching water, she saw a footprint.

Poppy and Nori investigate mysterious women in 'The Story of Thousands of Years Before the Lord of the Rings Began'.

It was so big that she was scared and immediately hid the water basket. Then three mysterious women found Poppy. They told Nori about the incident, and the two of them agreed to investigate the three women at night. They saw the three women holding the tree that was previously held by the old man when he was about to leave. Nori came out of hiding and said that the old man had left the place, but suddenly the three women disappeared and appeared before him. Nori was worried about the safety of the old man and asked permission from his parents to be allowed to go to save him. Hearing this, Poppy also offered to go along with Malva, Shadow, Galadril, and Teo the next day. Arriving at the settlement with deep fear, Theo entered the treatment room to look for his mother. Luckily, his mother and Aarondir turned out to be still safe from the previous incident."His troops went to Galadril.

Galadril Returns to Linden to Report to the Elf King, Haubrand Joins Kelinden for Healing, and Mysterious Encounters Unfold in the Kingdom of Words.

Galadril also said goodbye to Brain and Aron Dir because he had to return to Linden to report to the king of the Elf nation. After that, Galadril, accompanied by Aron, went to see Haubrand's condition due to yesterday's explosion. Haubrand was seriously injured. Seeing the state of Haubrand, Galadril invited him to join Kelinden because there is medicine there that can heal his wounds. The next day, Galadril and Haubrand finally went to Linden by using a horse. In the word kingdom, the king throws a leaf of life into the bottom of the earth. The leaf then catches fire and a fire monster appears nearby. While it exists, the arts celebrate their success in getting the territory. Adar changes the name of the region to Mordor. Elsewhere, the old man finally meets the three mysterious women. Instead of attacking the old man, the three women worship him and call the old man Sauron. In another place, Elron told Lord Selebrine about a piece of nitrile that they got with a heavy heart.

Elves and Numenoreans Collaborate to Create Super-Strength Rings with Gemstones and Metric Ores

Elron said that the people couldn't help them. Shortly thereafter, Galadril and Haubrand met Lord Selebrine to express their admiration as a blacksmith expert. There, Haubrand also saw some of the gems collected by Lord Selebrimboor. Unfortunately, all the gems were not as strong as midril seeds. That's why the Elf nation still needed midril seeds in large quantities to make super-strength rings. Hearing that, Haubrand suggested that he mix metric ores with some of the gems he had to get almost the same power in the Numenore Kingdom. Delirious thinking that Airin is the queen of oblivion, so he invites Airin to the place of the divination stone back to the kingdom of the elves. Initially, the king failed to refuse the plan, but Elron managed to convince him. With that agreement, they all finally started making rings with a combination of gemstones and materials.

Mysterious Women Help Old Lord of Darkness in Epic Battle Against Nori and Friends

In the evening, the old grandfather, accompanied by three mysterious women, received information that he came from a country called Run. He was a Lord of Darkness who could control fire, water, and wind. However, because the old man couldn't control his strength, the three mysterious women came to help him. Unknowingly, Nori and the others observed the old man and the three women. They saw two mysterious women who had tied up the old man. Without any suspicion, Nori approached the old man and tried to untie the rope. But without realizing it, the old man turned out to be one of the women in disguise. When Nori was about to be attacked, the real old man suddenly appeared and helped him.A fierce fight ensued between them. The old man took out his strength, but the three women managed to beat him. As a result, Nori and the others were in a very dangerous situation. Nori then tried to convince the old man to get back up and gave him the stick.

Galadril Interrogates Hal Brand and Learns the Truth about His Identity and Goals

He convinced the old man that he was not the one, thanks to which the old man finally got up and said that he was not a bad person, which means he was not Sauron. After that, the old man defeated the three mysterious women. As a result of the fight, Sadok was so badly injured that he finally died. His last wish to see the sunrise was realized by the old man in another place, Elron Celebrity."And the thing is, the brand just keeps failing in the fusion of the Nutritil Stones. Galadril sees this and tells them to rest because they are trying too hard. Crazy words drill into Hell Brand's mind, making him think of another plan where they should maybe take the pressure off the Nutritil a bit. Soon, Galadril gets the information that Hal Brand was not the king of the Satlands. Because of that, Galadril immediately interrogates Hal Brand and asks who he really is, as Hell had already been found out. Brand also says that he and Galadril have the same goal, which is defeating Adar.

Galadril Discovers Sauron's True Identity and Throws Hell Brand Into Another Dimension in Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Series

He is a figure who has many names, which means he is Sauron. This revelation makes Galadril so angry that he throws Hell Brand into another dimension. This keeps Galadril from being fooled because it is impossible for him to unite with Sauron. Finally, Galadril realizes this and is awakened by Elron. Elron asks what is really going on, but Galadril chooses to remain silent. Elron then invites Galadril to another room to see the process of making the ring. Almost finished, Elron has time to ask where Hell Brand is, but Galadril replies that Brand has gone and will never come back. What happened to Nori's old man, who intended to accompany him to go find Run Country? He also asked permission from his family, and for the first time, Nori's parents allowed him to go. Of Rings and Rings of Power, finally finished. Is the Brand thing really the real Sauron? Then what about the identity of the old man? Maybe all of these questions will be answered in the second season of the Lord of the Rings series.

The best of humanity is the one who is most beneficial to others. When someone has passed away, their deeds are severed except for three things: ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), beneficial knowledge, and a righteous child who prays for their parents.