British Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Joining ISIS - Latest Updates and Verdict

Shabazz Suleman, a British citizen from High Wycombe, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement with ISIS in Syria almost a decade
"Prison Illustration. (SHUTTERSTOCK/BORTN66)"
"Prison Illustration. (SHUTTERSTOCK/BORTN66)"


In a significant ruling by the English court on May 26, 2023, Shabazz Suleman, a British citizen from High Wycombe, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement with ISIS in Syria almost a decade ago. The honorable Judge Mark Lucraft, while delivering the verdict at the Old Bailey criminal court in London, emphasized that Suleman knowingly joined ISIS, which is an illegal terrorist organization under UK law. This article provides detailed insights into the case and highlights the circumstances surrounding Suleman's actions, his subsequent regrets, and the legal proceedings that led to his conviction.

Suleman's Intentions and Illegal Actions

Suleman's Ambition to Become a Sniper and His Guilty Plea

At the age of 18, Shabazz Suleman confessed to preparing for acts of terrorism by traveling from the UK to Turkey in August 2014, with the intent to join ISIS in Syria. His desire was to become a sniper, as revealed by Judge Lucraft during the court proceedings. Unfortunately, Suleman vanished while on a family vacation in Turkey, which shares a border with Syria.

Arrest and Charges Faced by Suleman

Suleman's actions did not go unnoticed, as he was apprehended at Heathrow Airport in September 2021. He was subsequently charged with various terrorism offenses, including receiving firearms training and becoming a member of a proscribed organization. The prosecution, represented by Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson, informed the court that Suleman had initially been detained by Turkish forces when attempting to enter Syria but later chose to become part of a prisoner exchange with ISIS. Once in Syria, he shared content on social media about his experiences within the ISIS-controlled region and even gave an interview to Sky News in the UK.

Suleman's Disillusionment and Attempts to Escape

Suleman's Disappointment with ISIS and Capture by FSA

As the downfall of ISIS ensued, Suleman expressed his disillusionment with the terrorist group. The court revealed that in 2017, he was captured by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and subsequently transferred to Turkey before ultimately ending up in Pakistan.

Suleman's Defense and Legal Representation

Abdul Iqbal, Suleman's defense attorney, portrayed his client as an immature and idealistic young man who sought to assist people in distress and participate in non-combat roles within ISIS. Iqbal added that within five months of joining ISIS, Suleman had unequivocally decided to escape the group.


Shabazz Suleman's case serves as a stark reminder of the grave consequences that can result from involvement with terrorist organizations. With the English court's ruling, Suleman has been sentenced to life imprisonment, reflecting the severity of his actions. The court proceedings shed light on his intentions, his subsequent disillusionment, and his attempts to distance himself from ISIS. This case underscores the importance of combating terrorism and upholding the rule of law, ensuring the safety and security of societies worldwide.

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