How to Set Up Reader Revenue Manager Contribution on Blogger

How to Set Up Reader Revenue Manager Contribution
Reader Revenue Manager Contribution

There are various ways to increase the revenue from a site that you manage, such as through ads, sales, and contributions. In this article, I will share a tutorial on how to set up a contribution or Reader Revenue Manager widget on blogspot.

Creating articles also takes time, effort, and thought that are synchronized with each other to create quality articles.

Sometimes readers do not realize the struggle of bloggers who provide such information.

Well, to make the creator more enthusiastic about providing various information, this method might be an alternative to get money from the blog.

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Understanding Reader Revenue Manager

What is Reader Revenue Manager?

Reader Revenue Manager is a widget that can help you earn money from your blog by giving contributions or subscriptions through desktop or mobile views.

Adding this contribution is at least 0.9 dollars or about 15 thousand rupiah. Using reader revenue can activate subscriptions once, monthly, or annually.

Reader Revenue Manager is a product of Google Publisher Center along with other products such as Google News.

Contributions are voluntary for readers, and they have the right to give or close the contribution dialog.

Whereas Subscriptions are a continuous package to access articles, subscription packages can be monthly or yearly.

How to Install Reader Revenue Manager Contribution

Creating and installing reader revenue manager contributions can be installed on the blogspot platform.

Well, interesting, right? How do you make it? Check out the following tutorial, how to create a revenue reader widget or contribution widget on blogger.

The first step, please go to and select Reader Revenue Manager.

For those who have not published the url, please add the blog url that you will create.

The second step, open Revenue Reader Manager.

There are Reader Revenue Manager Service Terms, please check and fill in the Name and Position. Click submit

The third step, select the Contribution Request section. This page is for setting the price that will appear on the contribution widget later. Please fill in and complete the following steps to start running the Contribution Request.

  • Contribution price: Please fill in the price for the amount of contribution with the currency of each country, make the price above $2, (fill in first, it can be edited later).
  • Benefits: Write what you want, for example (buy coffee to make blogging more spirited, buy fried foods or extend the blog domain).
  • Create a payment profile: Add a payment method.
  • Complete pricing: Activate the price on the price status that you choose.
  • Add code snippets to your site: The code that you will paste on the Blog later.
  • Verify ownership of the main URL: Verify the site to be connected.
  • Upload logo: Create a logo as attractive as possible.
  • Add publication policy: You can use the url of the policy and privacy page or disclaimer on your blog.
  • Verify your identity to receive payments: Upload a front and back ID card photo and add an address for identity verification, then wait for the review.
  • Activate Contribution Request: To activate, everything must be green check.

While waiting for the identity review, please copy the code and paste it above /body .

1:  <script async type="application/javascript"  
2:      src=""></script>  
3:  <script>  
4:   (self.SWG_BASIC = self.SWG_BASIC || []).push( basicSubscriptions => {  
5:    basicSubscriptions.init({  
6:     type: "NewsArticle",  
7:     isPartOfType: ["Product"],  
8:     isPartOfProductId: "xxxxxxxxx:openaccess",  
9:     clientOptions: { theme: "light", lang: "id" },  
10:    });  
11:   });  
12:  </script>  

In addition to the contribution / subscription feature, there are also other features such as: Newsletter registration, Reader registration and Surveys.

After the review is complete, you can activate this contribution feature. Reader revenue contributions can be adjusted to the frequency of dialog appearance by setting them as desired.

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Create a Contribution Button

At the beginning of opening the blog site, the contribution feature will appear. If you have pressed the close button, the feature will not reappear when opening the next post.

To display push notifications from the contribution widget, you can create a button that when clicked will display the contribution feature from the reader revenue manager.

How to create a contribution button, please copy the code below.

1:  <button swg-standard-button="contribution"></button>  

Benefits of Using Reader Revenue Manager

There are several benefits of Reader Revenue Manager that publishers will get, including:

  1. Getting income.
  2. No need for special coding, the code is provided.
  3. In addition to tools or contribution and subscription widgets, there are also features for filling out surveys, registering readers and registering newsletters. Each has a function to establish relationships with readers.

By making this contribution, contributors can tip from G-pay (google pay) by filling in and adding a credit card number.

Thus, how to create and install contributions from Reader Revenue Manager on blogger. Hopefully it can increase your insight and keep your spirits up, blogger friends.

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